April 12, 2023

PhD Nutrition

PhD believe in maximising the things you can do, instead of punishing yourself for what you can’t. Whether it’s an extra rep or a recovery day, they know that small choices drive big impact. That’s why they’ve spent years optimising our range, scrutinising the science behind every ingredient, giving you products that work smarter and taste better, to help you get more out of each day. So from your morning boost to your evening refuel, we make it easier for you to upgrade your everyday.

About the project

Step into the dynamic collaboration between Gigaflux and PhD, where each month unfolds as a captivating design journey. Our dedicated team seamlessly manages the everyday workload of a junior designer, from crafting engaging UX and UI experiences to breathing life into email marketing and social media designs. We navigate the intricacies of Amazon pages, infusing them with Gigaflux creativity and bringing products to life through stunning 3D renders. This is more than mere support – an ongoing partnership that aids PhD's brand every month with a burst of design brilliance.

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The solution

To support and consult on all aspects of design.

Since June 2021, Gigaflux has been a steadfast partner for PhD, marking one of our initial collaborations that endures today. Our journey began with a focus on enhancing their customer experience —initiating the refinement of their welcome email series and assisting the CRM team in daily operations. By July to August, our role evolved into consultancy, leading us to assume full-time responsibility for their design team during their quest for a permanent role.

During this transformative period, we played a pivotal role in reshaping their work methodologies and optimising the workflow to eliminate bottlenecks. As the design team underwent restructuring, our support extended beyond interim solutions. We contributed to establishing new operational norms, streamlining the influx of briefs, and fostering a dynamic work environment. Our involvement persisted even after the appointment of a permanent designer, as we actively facilitated their seamless integration into the company.

Our commitment to PhD extends beyond the transitional phases. We continue to stand by them, offering ongoing support and contributing to the sustained success of their design endeavours. The collaborative spirit forged at the onset of our partnership remains a testament to our enduring dedication to their evolving needs.

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We've empowered PhD to streamline processes and amplify creative output. With our support, they've achieved increased efficiency within their in-house marketing and design teams, accomplishing more than ever.

PhD Nutrition